Ofo na Ogu: Nonsonkwa creates tension among Mbaike House of Representives Candidates

The Action Democratic Congress ADC House of Representives Candidate for Mbaitoli Ikeduru federal constituency Hon. Chinonso Uba has called on Traditional Rulers in the constituency to summon all the candidates vying for the House of Representatives seat and Administer an oath of OFO na Ogu on them.

He said the move would ensure strict compliance to the welfare, prosperity and wellbeing of the Constituency popularly known as Mbaike by the candidates.

Hon Chinonso Uba popularly known as Nonsonkwa maintained that OFO na OGU administration would further strengthen the trust of their people on their elected representatives whose only purpose in Abuja should be about the People of Mbaike and nothing more.

He subscribed to the summon and administration of the Of na Ogu to avoid selfish and family representation by any candidate who eventually emerges Victorious come February 25th 2023.

“I subscribe to this not because I am a Traditionalist nor atheist but because our forefathers should also have a hand in what happens to their offsprings they left behind.

I subscribe to this because we are tired of poor representation, godfatherism, greed and corruption in the affairs concerning Ndi Mbaike.

I subscribe to this because enough is enough and for how long shall our destiny be short changed by those who think that Mbaike is their birthright and father’s property.

I subscribe to this because its high time we took our destiny in our own hands and chart our own future by ourselves.

I subscribe to this because Mbaike is our collective dream and not a personal property of anyone.

I subscribe to this because I want Mbaike to Prosper for Us all no matter our status in the Society!

Chinonso Uba however urged the traditional rulers in Mbaike to summon all the candidates to this traditional administration of OFO na OGU so that even the land could hold any candidate who gets greedy and selfish responsible for abandoning the people for his selfish reasons!

According to him, any candidate who kicks against the OFO na OGU administration by Ndi Eze has shown himself unfit to represent Ndi Mbaike.

is not an issue of fetishness nor idolatry,it’s our own way of ensuring Transparency , Quality Representation, Accountability and Due Process!

This is our culture and our own way of praying to Chukwu Okike Abiama

I want an Mbaike For All not For a few and the constituency must Be Recoverd, ‘
Mazi Chinonso Uba concluded.

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